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The custom titles file was always saved to the app folder instead of the location in the settings. Updating is possible too because they’re stored by region and type. En ordre de priorité J’ai supprimé complètement la ligne de code concernée désormais. Column data in the settings file caused an AV on startup. A link to the facebook page in the help menu. Drive formatting routines should be working as expected now.

Nom: wii backup manager 01net
Format: Fichier D’archive
Système d’exploitation: Windows, Mac, Android, iOS
Licence: Usage Personnel Seulement
Taille: 62.56 MBytes

Drive formatting routines should be working as expected now. Version info in the about dialog is automatically updated and now includes a build number. Invalid date format when removing backup logs, causing the app to crash on start up. There’s an option to use managrr volumes in the settings dialog. You can also calculate missing hashes for existing entries. Only valid FAT32 cluster sizes are shown in the format dialog.

wii backup manager 01net

A couple of names in the about box showed as question marks because my source code formatter didn’t work with unicode characters. Nouvelle option « Utilisez le transfert de tampon ». See the transfer menu on each page.

Wii Backup Manager 0.4.5 Build 78

Mais pourquoi il n’y a plus de Mise à jour!? Lorsqu’elle est activée, le panneau de progrès reste en attente ouverte sur le prochain DVD.


Preset cover configuration for popular USB loaders. Select the archive types you want enabled in the settings dialog. This was a bug in Delphi. Feedback form to report bugs etc.

This allows the use of mapped network drives as well as adding support for Wine and fixing managee drive detection issues. Square brackets were getting removed and Radio buttons weren’t translated. J’ai des fichiers qui se retrouvent rouges et barrés avec 0 mo alors qu’à la dernière ouverture du logiciel, ils étaient présents et fonctionnaient très bien.

Télécharger Wii Backup Manager Build 78 –

Jobs page wasn’t translated. Une liste d’identifiants retenus sont enregistrer dans un fichier de sorte que ces entrées peuvent être rapidement sélectionné en chargeant le fichier. Shoutbox Identifiez vous pour accéder à la shoutbox. Salutil y ‘a t’il beaucoup de difference avec wbfs? WiiTDB titles support titles.

I totally rewrote the « Remove » menu functions. Installer des mods sur Super Smash Bros. Application exceptions should be logged, instead of showing the message dialog Fixed: Simply select the loader and your base cover folder. Baclup à la recherche alphabétique, majuscule fait une recherche le titre complet, les recherches utilisant des minuscules au début des titres.


Télécharger Wii Backup Manager Build 78 – Wii Info

Column to show IOS wiu on the files page. Default renderer is software again. Merci les gars mais c’est bon. With an option to automatically convert to the chosen convention when a drive is mounted.

Wii Backup Manager v0.4.5 build 78

Sort by region column caused the app to hang when the language wasn’t English. Jobs page to view and work with the job queue. When burning DVD, the closest supported speed will be used. Merci j ‘utilise toujours WBFS manager 3. Double click to edit entries instead of single click -Changed: Mini log in the format dialog.

Check if the destination file is going to be exactly the same abckup the source. Volumes and partitions use mqnager display format « Drive 1: Bug introduced when changing the titles colours.

wii backup manager 01net