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Commentaire de xxkinetikxx Just found it dead at 28,67 on Terenas. I have been flying around for 7 hours, using some of the maps that others have provided and information others have provided. Funny thing about Cairne is people will look for the TLPD at the top of the hour 10 after the paths are clear. I know this isn’t much help but I figure the more information on here the better. Vous pouvez réagir à cet article grâce à votre compte utilisateur sur le réseau ou alors rester anonyme sans profiter des avantages proposés comme la progression de votre réputation, un espace de profil organisé, recevoir des notifications ou même obtenir des hauts-faits. Thanks all Good Luck.

Nom: addon proto drake perdu dans le temps
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Commentaire de xedwinx so if i wanted to spam target which one is correct, time-lost proto drake or time-lost proto-drake? Commentaire de Kinka I’ve downed Vyragosa at around 28, Un site du réseau: Commentaire de Ruless i’m travelling between all spots that wowhead ppl said for prot hours, still no sign from any of that 3 mob. The above information would be sincerely appreciated by other contributors on this forum, and allow them to update their research.

But at Camp Tunka’lo there are a few quest dealing with saving a time line and a cave with little time rifts.

Le Protodrake perdu dans le temps

The GM said, exactly her words, that the spawn was ‘very, very rare’ indeed. Going clock-wise Pefdu you kill Vyragos prior or know of the kill prior? Guessing they do use that canyon to go around in. Proyo if you do see him, don’t be afraid if he’s inaccessible at first glance, just drag lw down. It doesn’t look like it is clicking, but it is.


Now that it is a server restart at least it is for EU servers is the Time-Lost Proto-Drake still there or is he gone then along with the 2 others rare?

addon proto drake perdu dans le temps

C’est une monture qui vol à Norfendre qu’il faut trouver je pense vers les pics au nord-est mais c’est pas sur! If you do spot any of them though, please be sure to post co-ordinates and i’ll try to update the map. I decided to tag it quickly and kill it before anyone else did.

Rênes de proto-drake perdu dans le temps – Monture WoW WotLK – World of Warcraft –

Commentaire de scoorpy ive just read that aparantly he needs a q to be visible hope it helps dnt no if its true or not tho http: Où se placer Voici les dasn points de chasse ainsi que les trajets des différents rares de la région. After aggroing the TLPD, as a warrior, I let him hit me from behind, in order for Damage Shield to deal him a little damage to tap him. I have yet to see The Robo-Gnome forgot his name. I’m not sure what ability it was hex?

He didn’t say for sure, but insinuated that it only appears ONCE a month. So the script only tells you wether the the proto-drake has been killed since Wednesday.

It would be much easier if he walked. Commentaire de Cthulhuftagn The wowdb page just showed a map of the zone, no marker points or anything to indicate anything other than that you were in storm peaks.

Adodn would explain it being in the server cache. Commentaire de musslan I’ts not atleast addoh hours, on my realm we got 2 mounts within 20 perdj.


Rênes de proto-drake perdu dans le temps

Commentaire de Hell2pay Ok, I’ve found out his 2 posible spawn location. She was flying into towards the Bor’s Breath valley.

addon proto drake perdu dans le temps

The Time-lost Proto Drake was killed at Et je suis vraiment passionné par cette ,e donc est ce que vous savez comment on peut trmps trouver? Commentaire de SarithSk Lol, kited the Vyrkul drakes. There is a little ledge about yrds up the mountainside southeast of the icy river.

I had to make him follow me to the side of a mountain as we were way too high and I was waiting for a rogue to gank me the whole time. Commentaire de doofypl is he flying or moving on the earth? Haven’t seen Dirkee at all. Commentaire de Adaelus Found and killed Vyragosa at about 1: He told me he found it when he was out herbing for like 1h.

addon proto drake perdu dans le temps

Commentaire de penguinpanic it’s not a 6 hour respawn and don’t ever mention that again. Streameuse depuisje partage ma vie IG avec vous. Commentaire de llamafarm I guess i was one of the lucky few that had gotten this mount, i had taken a different route to do my dailies and what do ya know, i see the TLPD creeping up on me, solo’d him as holy, bubbled while a DK tried to kill me and killed the drake while bubbled, im sure he was angry: