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KDE e.V. General Assembly 2013

tl;dr: If you are a committed KDE contributor and not a KDE e.V. member, you are doing it wrong. If you are a KDE user, consider helping the KDE User Working Group. Read KDE e.V.’s quarterly reports.

Voting at the KDE e.V. general assembly

The test vote before the assembly officially started.

Akademy 2013 is still on its way, and as usual the KDE e.V. General Assembly was held as a part of it. KDE e.V. is the representation and governance body of the KDE community. Membership in this not-for-profit association registered in Berlin, Germany is open to all KDE contributors . Members usually assemble once a year to coordinate, to vote on issues important to the community and to elect representatives and board members as needed. The highlights this year where the discussion of the role of the Community Working Group, the report on the first activities of the newly established Financial Working Group, and the election of one new board member. I was the chairperson of the assembly, and this is my inofficial report. 

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Qt Project and Defensive Publications

Open Source communities are amazingly innovative. Linux Defenders encourages them to document their ideas in the form of defensive publications, so that this body of knowledge becomes relevant prior art for later patent applications and patent invalidations. The Qt community is especially relevant for defensive publications for two reasons – it is highly innovative, and Qt’s functionality covers pretty much all topics that are relevant in software engineering today. At the Qt Contributor Summit that is currently on its way in Bilbao, Spain, Armijn Hemel and me started a process to make defensive publications a routine part of the Qt release process.Akademy 2013 and Qt Contributor Summit poster

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KDE Akademy and Qt Contributor Summit in Bilbao, Spain

I am going to Akademy!
Akademy, the annual conference of the KDE community, will take place from July 13 to July 19 2013 in Bilbao, Spain. It will be prefixed on July 12 by the general assembly of KDE e.V., the not-for-profit foundation that supports the development of KDE. As usual, it will be followed by a full week of frantic, collaborative hacking, birds of a feather sessions and mini-conferences. Qt Project and the KDE Community are very close companions, and this year for the first time the Qt Contributor Summit will be co-located with Akademy and take place July 14 and 15. In short, if you haven’t been to a Free Software community conference like that, this the one of the most awesome of them all, and the Qt Contributor Summit only adds more greatness to it. I am on the way to it, to chair the general assembly and to give a presentation on the concepts and philosophy of Threadweaver.
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