Fan-taz-tic: Document Freedom Germany Award goes to TAZ

taz café

taz café at Rudi-Dutschke-Strasse

Today is the international Document Freedom Day. There are always local actors that serve as good examples for respecting document freedom and enabling users to participate in the digital society. The international communities award such exemplary local actors with the Document Freedom Award. The Document Freedom Germany Award this year goes to *drumroll* the TAZ newspaper.

Ralf Klever, head of IT for TAZ, explained how it’s political mission since the turbulent founding of the newspaper was to allow everybody to form their political opinion relatively independently of their financial means. It is a priority for TAZ to be available in various electronic and printed channels. In essence, this means giving readers the freedom of choice, and that is exactly what the Document Freedom Award is about. TAZ is available in various DRM-free electronic formats, even plain text.

In Document Freedom Germany Award was presented by FSFE and FFII. FSFE works to enforce software and data freedom for users and consumers. FFII is dedicated to the development of information goods for the public benefit, based on copyright, free competition and open standards. As Erik Albers said for FSFE: “We are awarding the TAZ with the Document Freedom Award for their longstanding commitment to Open Standards and continuos efforts in offering their newspaper without restrictions”.

There are a press release and a few other mentions of the award, but… In the collaborative fashion the award called for, FSFE brought the cake and TAZ the coffee. Here you will find a few more original impressions from the scene, like coffee decorated with edible document freedom stickers and the whole TAZ, FSFE and FFII crew hard at work devouring the cake. It was good. And I realised I need a better camera.

Document Freedom Cake

The cake for the 2013 Document Freedom Germany Award

Cake no more

Cake no more

taz café coffee

taz café coffee

document freedom edibles

document freedom edibles


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