New blog on KDE, Open Source and researchy stuff

It seems I have been doing two things at the same time recently, work-work and KDE-Qt-Free-Software-Open-Source-community-economics-research-work. The former and the latter do not necessarily mix, so I have decided to separate the two into, well, two, and create a new blog.

Since just saying “Mirko’s Blog” seemed a little dull, the new blog is themed Creative Destruction & Me. Creative Destruction is a term coined (or attributed to) by Joseph Schumpeter, a great Austrian economist who pretty much defined how we today think about innovation and business cycles. I am personally a huge fan of his work. If you are interested in economics, his book Capitalism, Socialism and Democracy is probably one of the most enlightening reads ever.

Creative Destruction is the process where capitalism continuously invents new and improved products that replace previous ones, in the process devaluing the investments made into building the now outdated stuff. It is what made our computers become so much faster in such short time, and also influences how technology spreads throughout the world and becomes affordable. It is very much applicable to how Free Software is produced in communities, too. The and me part is about reflecting what this rather brutal process means for everyday life, us (the community we work and live in) and the individual. Striking the balance between individual interest and that of the community (be it the city somebody lives in or a FLOSS project) is one, if not the core political and economical problem of society, and often either the “me” or the “community” part tends to get neglected in the arguments.

Dear reader: If you think this subject is fascinating, you are invited. Creative Destruction & Me is open for contributions by other authors. All you need is a account which you probably already have. The only requirements are relevance to the topic, a CC license for the content, and a generally friendly tone. Think about following KDE’s Code of Conduct, and you will be good.

The work blog will continue to be hosted at Agile Workers Software. Since I also happen to have a life, completely irrelevant but sometimes fun updates can be found at Dicke Finger.

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